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Defenders of Tal’Dorei: Episode 1 – “Whispers in Westruun” (826LA Charity Stream)

Our very own, Nick Uroseva (artist, Critical Role Recaps) DMs an original D&D 5e adventure for James J. Haeck, Gil Ramirez, Andrew of CritRoleStats, and Project Derailed’s Fiona L.F. Kelly set in Critical Role’s Tal’dorei Setting.

This charity stream was organized in conjunction with Tal’dorei Day and raised $214 for 826LA.

Missed the stream and still want to donate to 826LA? You can donate to them directly here: https://826la.org/donate/

Catch more awesome nerdy broadcasts from us at twitch.tv/projectderailed.

Nick Uroseva (@Nick_Uroseva)
Nick is a social media marketing professional and content creator by trade but also dabbles in everything from graphic design, photography, illustration, videography & video editing, animation, and podcasting. He is the Co-Creative Head at Derailed Medial LLC, the creator and Dungeon Master of the ENNIE-nominated podcast Tales of the Voidfarer and cast member on Cape Chronicles and Fables Around the Table.

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