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Nick is a professional graphic artist and aspiring indie game developer from Youngstown, Ohio. He has a BA in Multimedia Technology. When he isn't doodling for one thing or another, he spends his time writing and Dungeon Mastering several D&D games, enjoying craft beer, shooting zombies with Nerf blasters, and tweeting about #CriticalRole. Buy him a coffee: http://ko-fi.com/nickuroseva

“The Dragon Prince” D&D Homebrew – Moonshadow Elves

By | September 19th, 2018|DnD, Dungeons and Dragons, Television, The Dragon Prince D&D|

Very minor spoilers for Netflix's The Dragon Prince. Netflix's The Dragon Prince hit the streaming service last weekend and I may or may not devoured the entire first 9-episode season in a single sitting. In short, it is fantastic and should appeal to any fan of D&D-style high fantasy.  The show honestly feels like a [...]

Defenders of Tal’Dorei: Episode 3 – “Forged Paths” (The Planetary Society Charity Stream)

By | March 20th, 2018|Defenders of Tal'Dorei, DnD, Dungeons and Dragons|

Defenders of Tal'Dorei is a live streamed D&D series where critters play D&D to raise money for charity in the world of Critical Role! Join Nick Uroseva as he DMs for Gil Ramirez (GilTheVlogsmith), Kimmy Davis (CrittersRPG), Nicole Hunsicker (@Nicken_Chicken), and Project Derailed's own Fiona LF Kelly as they stream to raise money for the [...]

Defenders of Tal’Dorei: Episode 2 – “Between Myriad of Foes” (The Pablove Foundation Charity Stream)

By | February 1st, 2018|Defenders of Tal'Dorei, DnD, Dungeons and Dragons|

This is a D&D stream set in the world of Critical Role to raise money for the Pablove Foundation. Mashafina (Fiona LF Kelly) and Tolf (Andrew of CritRoleStats) meet new friends, an elf assassin named Nasae (Kimmy Davis) and an eccentric Lizardfolk wizard named Quintus (Matt Abernathy) as they are thrust in the middle of [...]

Trainwreck – World of Darkness: The Old Youngtown Butler Hotel Part 2

By | November 14th, 2017|Roleplaying Games, SideTrack|

Watch Part 1 here! Tanner continues his World of Darkness one shot! Can the amateur paranormal investigators of Nathan Clark, Caroline Smith, Paranormal Joe, and Kenny survive long enough to exorcise the Old Youngstown Butler Hotel so the vampire Lucia will let them leave!? Catch new episodes of Trainwreck LIVE every Monday night at 9PM [...]

Trainwreck: World of Darkness and the Old Youngstown Butler Hotel – PART ONE

By | November 4th, 2017|SideTrack|

Tanner runs a World of Darkness oneshot for the rest of the Derailed Crew. Tom, Fiona, and Nick assume the roles of mere mortals and amateur paranormal investigators about the discover everything that really does go bump in the night. Catch PART TWO on the next episode of Trainwreck.  Monday, November 6th, at 9PM ET [...]

Defenders of Tal’Dorei: Episode 1 – “Whispers in Westruun” (826LA Charity Stream)

By | October 23rd, 2017|Defenders of Tal'Dorei, DnD, TaldoreiDay|

Our very own, Nick Uroseva (artist, Critical Role Recaps) DMs an original D&D 5e adventure for James J. Haeck, Gil Ramirez, Andrew of CritRoleStats, and Project Derailed's Fiona L.F. Kelly set in Critical Role's Tal'dorei Setting. This charity stream was organized in conjunction with Tal'dorei Day and raised $214 for 826LA. Missed the stream and [...]