Tales of the Voidfarer

A D&D 5e Spelljammer Podcast

Nominated for Best Podcast at the 2021 ENNIE Awards!

Follow the spacefaring adventures of Rav’nys, Luckbeak, and Marco as they find themselves new recruits of the crew of the Voidfarer, an independent spelljammer ship exploring a new crystal sphere called Kraatspace. Can they uncover the secrets of the lost Kraatorian empire or will they fall victim to the same mysterious calamity that befell the ancient wildspacefaring civilization thousands of years ago?

An original D&D Fifth Edition campaign inspired by the classic AD&D setting, SPELLJAMMER.

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7.2: Dohwar’d Bound

Chapter 7 – Episode 2: Flapwing reunites with his family, and his ongoing case of mistaken identity might come a major perk that could help Marco, Rav’nys, and the crew of the Voidfarer in a future endeavour. Tanner’s Doctoral Research GoFundMe. Help our good buddy travel for his doctoral research so he can get his…

7.1: Laytime & Libel

Chapter 7 – Episode 1: The Voidfarer returns to port on N’DIr Anchorage and Flapwing, Marco, and Rav’nys disembark for shore leave but are quickly met with a shocking surprise. Tanner’s Doctoral Research GoFundMe. Help our good buddy travel for his doctoral research so he can get his PhD! Cast: Nick Uroseva – Host/Dungeon Master…

Interlude: Squedigo

Interlude: Squedigo – We pick mere moments after Squeddy the tortle teleported away from Lyceum Acanus with his new crew. He encounters the N’Dir Anchorage Seekers and learn his previous arrangement may not have been what it seemed. Cast: Nick Uroseva – Host/Dungeon Master Cliff B – Squedigo Tom Goldthwait – Original Music/Creative Consultant Follow…

Reminder: Chapter 7 Coming January 3rd, 2023

Reminder! We are taking a break, but fret not! We will be back with the next chapter of our adventure on January 3rd. We will be dropping a few Interludes a little closer to December with glimpses into the lives of other characters around Kraatspace. Keep an eye out for announcements on when those will…


Nick Uroseva – Host/Dungeon Master

Fiona L.F. Kelly – Rav’nys

Saker – Flapwing Rockhopper/Luckbeak Humboldt

Tanner Bivens – Marco Astorio

Tom Goldthwait – Creative Consultant/Original Music

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