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Tales of the Voidfarer Follow the spacefaring adventures of Rav'nys, Luckbeak, and Marco as they find themselves new recruits of the crew of the Voidfarer, an independent spelljammer ship exploring a new crystal sphere called Kraatspace. Can they uncover the secrets of the lost Kraatorian empire or will they fall victim to the same mysterious calamity that befell the ancient voidfaring civilization thousands of years ago? An original D&D Fifth Edition campaign inspired by the classic AD&D setting, Spelljammer. A Project Derailed podcast!

  • 2.1: Rats and Respite
    by Project Derailed on November 12, 2019

    Chapter 2 - Episode 1. In this first episode of Chapter 2, Rav'nys, Marco, and Luckbeak deal a minor setback on a new slavage operation and take the time to celebrate their gains with the crew of The Voidfarer.

  • 1.5: A Trick of the Eye
    by Project Derailed on October 29, 2019

    Chapter 1 - Episode 5. In this finale of the very first chapter of our story, Marco, Luckbeak, and Rav'nys make their way to the possible salvage location and venture inside to find more than they bargained for.

  • 1.4: The Voidfarer
    by Project Derailed on October 15, 2019

    Chapter 1 - Episode 4. Rav'nys, Luckbeak, and Marco follow Val through the Bilge Warrens of N'Dir Anchorage, barter with a Keel Crawler, and finally arrive at Val's ship, The Voidfarer.

  • 1.3: Pursuit at Port
    by Project Derailed on October 10, 2019

    Chapter 1 - Episode 3. Marco, Luckbeak, and Rav'nys finally arrive at N'Dir Anchorage, the asteroid town made entirely of the broken hulls of millions of spelljammer ships. Val asks them to help steal information from the Salvager's Guild.

  • 1.2: Belowdecks Blitz
    by Project Derailed on October 8, 2019

    Chapter 1 - Episode 2. Marco, Luckbeak, and Rav'nys find themselves squaring off with fellow Salvager's Guild recruits, including a very angry and claustrophobic ogre, in the hold of a spelljammer ship traversing the phlogiston, destined for Kraatspace.

  • 1.1: Groundlings and Grievances
    by Project Derailed on October 3, 2019

    Chapter 1 - Episode 1. In our very first episode of this Spelljammer-inspired D&D Actual Play Podcast, our heroes, Luckbeak, Marco, and Rav'nys, meet while confined in the hold of a Salvager's Guild ship destined for the uncharted crystal sphere of Kraatspace. They meet some of their fellow passengers and make well as enemies.

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