Fables Around the Table

A TTRPG Actual-Play Anthology Podcast

Fables Around the Table is an tabletop roleplaying game actual-play anthology podcast. Each season, we feature a new tabletop RPG system with a rotation of GMs and players!

Tune in to listen to us play The Curse of the House of Rookwood, Visigoths vs. Mall Goths, Babes in the Wood, Masks: A New Generation, and more!

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Greetings From Hell: Episode 5: Drive

While Raven and Sylvester lead the mysterious agents astray, Babe, Wally, CoriAnne, and Ricky Q head to the meeting place. For more information about this show, including links to merch, our Discord, and Patreon, head on over to ProjectDerailed.com! Game: Kids on Bikes GM: Fiona L.F. Kelly Babe: Kaitlyn Camp Wally: Cliff B CoriAnne: Annie…

Greetings From Hell: Episode 4: Car Chase

Raven and Sylvester lead the strange agents in a car chase through town. For more information about this show, head on over to ProjectDerailed.com

Greetings From Hell: Episode 3: The Basement

The teens and tweens, along with pop star Ricky Q head back to the Crenshaw household to further investigate the mystery. Game: Kids on Bikes GM: Fiona L.F. Kelly Wally: Chuck “Cliff B” Wilfong Jr. Raven: Em Babe: Kaitlyn Camp CoriAnn: Annie Kimmel Sylvester: Rodger Page For more information about this podcast, as well as…

Greetings From Hell: Episode 2: The Party

The teens and tweens in Hell head on over to the lake where Ricky Q went missing to attend a night-time party. Through a portajohn misadventure, lakeshore doodles, and a very bad game of pong, they uncover a clue to a mystery. Game: Kids on Bikes GM: Fiona L.F. Kelly Wally: Chuck “Cliff B” Wilfong…


Fiona L.F. Kelly – Show Runner

Chelsea Reixinger – Creative Consultant/Art

Nick Uroseva – Creative Consultant/Graphics

Tom Goldthwait – Creative Consultant/Original Music

Cast (all seasons): Daniel Walker, Annie Kimmel, Garrett Kimmel, Chelsea Reixinger, Nick Uroseva, Fiona L.F. Kelly, Kitty McClendon, Rodger Page, Cliff B, Tom Goldthwait, Kaitlyn Camp

Guest Voices (all seasons): Saker, Tanner Bivens, Gil Ramirez, The Prize Winning Squid, Cliff B, Tom Goldthwait, Anna Matthews, Tyler Matthews, Chelsea Reixinger, Willow Artherholt, Garrett Kimmel

A Project Derailed Podcast