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Critical Role Recap: Episode 115 – “The Chapter Closes”

SPOILERS for Critical Role Episode 115 (obviously).  Go check out the full episode at GeekandSundry.com!
Our recap of Episode 114 can be found here.

Vox Machina celebrates their victories and accepts their defeats.

Previously on Critical Role

Vox Machina interrupted Vecna’s ascension and weakened him enough to send him away to be trapped. Arkhan, though he assisted in their fight, stole the hand of Vecna and teleported away before he could be stopped. They all hugged Vax, knowing his time with them would soon end.


They stand on top of the tower of entropis, adrenaline still rushing through their veins. In the distance, they hear an explosion. Battles rage in the city below, though Vecna is now defeated. The green tendrils holding the platforms together begin to fade.

Vex flies down to retrieve Velora’s body. The others use various methods of flight to save themselves from the collapsing tower. Keyleth and Scanlan dive down to catch Zahra and Kash.

Keyleth and Scanlan find Zahra and Kash in the rubble of the tower. Keyleth grabs their two friends and heals them.

Keyleth and Scanlan thank Zahra and Kash for joining them in the fight. Kash insists it was Zahra’s decision.

Kash: “Don’t piss off a pregnant tiefling.”

Keyleth: “Wait. What?”

Above them, Grog hang onto the top of the tower in his enlarged size while everyone flies around him. He asks the others to look for Arkhan’s hand. Zahra casts fly on Grog.

When they all land, Vax holds Velora in his wings. They beg Kash to cast revivify on their sister. He casts the spell, but she has been dead too long for the spell to take effect.

Instead, Kash begins to cast raise dead as the magical effects on the sky begin to fade and sunlight shines down on the city. He brushes a tear from Vex’s cheek and uses it to draw the final glyph. Vex lays one of her arrows next to her sister. Vax fastens Simon’s around her waist, explaining that the belt is hers now. Zahra says a prayer and places a moonstone next to Velora’s head.

As the ritual finishes, every glyph glows a deep black. Velora’s form temporarily disappears into shadow. As the shadows fade, they see Velora take in a breath.

Vex brings Trinket out of her necklace. She sends the bear over to Velora. He licks her face, waking her. She giggles and slowly opens her eyes.

Zahra and Kash depart after reminiscing and promising to keep in touch.

Zahra: “We’ll see you soon.”

Scanlan: “Don’t see us too soon. Whenever you’re near us, you almost die.”

In the distance, they hear horns in the city celebrating victory. The city burns, but the attack has subsided.

Three disheveled wyvern riders approach them. A woman, a captain of the wyvern riders, calls out to them, asking if the battle is over. Vex tells her that Vecna is defeated. The captain tells them to quickly spread the word to the rest of the city. Scanlan pulls out the pistol taken from Percy and fires wildly into the sky. The others fire flares into the sky and Keyleth skywrites “Vecna defeated.”

Scanlan twirls the pistol before pocketing it again. A victory cry erupts from the city.

Vax casts locate object and searches for Arkhan’s hand. He and Grog find it buried in the rubble. They find it smashed, but otherwise intact.

Kas whispers to Grog to find Arkhan and kill him. Grog tells the others that Arkhan must die. Percy worries about Grog’s mental state in relation to the sword.

Percy then turns his attention to Scanlan and demands the return of his gun. In exchange for the return, Percy says, he will design Scanlan his own gun.

Scanlan pretends to throw gun away but pockets it instead. Only Grog is fooled. He hands the gun over to Percy.

Before they leave, Grog brings up that Sylas escaped. They attempt to search for him using magic. After a few attempts, they see Sylas flying in bat form through a forest.

The force cage now gone, J’mon goes over to them. They fly the party down to the Platinum Sanctuary in the city. From the back of the dragon, they see an areal view of the now safe Vasselheim.

The steps are littered with corpses and broken bones. Clusters of wounded riders rest around the temple. They all stop and look at brass dragon now landing and dropping off Vox Machina. Each of the soilders stand and acknowledge the heroes who defeated Vecna.

Entering the sanctuary, they see Allura and Vord. Allura pulls the party into a group hug. They ask about Kima, and Allura explains that she’s in the city, destroying things she doesn’t like.

Vord asks for proof of Vecna’s defeat. They point out the stopped titan, and Vax says that he can no longer sense Vecna on this plane. Vord smiles and apologizes for underestimating them.

Those in the Sanctuary bow before them. They push Keyleth to give a speech.

Keyleth: “The bravery of Vasselheim remains evident on this day. You all should be proud that your reputation of a city unfallen by invasion or attack remains. That is only because of the faith and the bravery and the strength of the citizens of this amazing city. We of Vox Machina are proud and honored to have fought by every single one of you, and we vow to continue to stand by your side through the rest of our days. Huzzah!”

The room fills with divine energy, and the crowd begins to disperse. Vox Machina goes out onto the upper platform. Vex feels the presence of Pelor and Pike feels Sarenrae. Vax feels a small pain in his chest.

Vax looks over to the Raven’s Crest. Behind him, the others see The Raven Queen appear.

Percy attempts to get in between the two of them, but The Raven Queen freezes him in place.

The Raven Queen: “You have done well, my champion. The scale of destiny tugs in your favor. And even this victory culminates with the crossing of a few fate-touched souls. By your hand, your bravery, your sacrifice ensure a future for all of Emon, and all who have come to love you and what you’ve done. You may not know all that you have done here, but take solace in the fact that you will see your influence ripple through generations to come. My Vax’ildan, it is time. Say your goodbyes.”

The party begs her for more time, but her will is unyielding.

Vax goes to Keyleth. He tells her how grateful he is for their time together. He assures her that she will be a strong and wise leader. Keyleth promises they will see each other again.

Keyleth: “Forever.”

Vax: “And ever and always.”

To Scanlan, Percy, and Grog, Vax tells her how much he loves them. Scanlan offers to fight The Raven Queen, but Vax refuses with a laugh. Grog asks if he’s afraid. Vax simply responds that he is going to see his mother and will see all of them again.

Percy still insists that he does not accept Vax’s fate. Vax tells him to love Vex and Keyleth for him.

Vax tells Pike that she has shown him the way.

Vax: “You taught me purpose, Pickle… Be there for them. You’re the light in all our lives.”

Vax tells his sister that he’s never had a greater friend than her.

Vex: “I feel like she’s taking part of me away.”

Vax: “I will take it with me to remind me of you.”

They hug, and she promises she will find him.

He takes Keyleth’s face in his hands and kisses her one last time.

Vax walks towards The Raven Queen. Using Druidcraft, he grows snowdrops around his family.

Vax: “How lucky I have been to have had all of you. How luck indeed. Thank you.”

As Vax walks towards The Raven Queen, he sees his mother. She whispers how proud she is of him.

They blink, and Vax and The Raven Queen disappear, leaving behind only feathers.

Scanlan interrupts the sadness of the moment.

Scanlan: “I feel like I could have taken her if I had a gun.”

Keyleth: “Has anyone every told you you’re an asshole?

Percy uses manners on Scanlan. The ball bursts around him, entwining him. He says he will let the gnome out when he feels like it.

After searching Scanlan’s pockets and finding nothing, he lets Scanlan out on Vex’s insistence.

Vex tells Keyleth that she knows her brother would have spent his life with Keyleth. She assures her that Keyleth is still her sister. Keyleth says she feels the same about Vex. They commiserate about The Raven Queen.

Grog asks Pike for help getting rid of the sword. Since Bahamut is the enemy of Tiamat, and his time hunting Vecna is over, he wants to turn it over. He asks Scanlan and Pike to help him turn it over to The Platinum Sanctuary. They go over to Vord.

Grog: “I’d like to make a deposit.”

Immediately, the sword begins to compel Grog to keep it rather than surrending it to the sanctuary. It promises him immense strength and power. Grog, unable to resist, quickly walks away from Vord.

Scanlan casts suggest on Grog, but the sword’s will is powerful. Grog continues to walk away.

Pike then casts greater restoration, freeing Grog from his connection to Kas. The warmth of Pike’s friendship and Sarenrae’s divine energy empower him, and he throws the sword to the ground.

Vord asks about the sword. They explain what the sword is and its power. Grog also hands over Arkhan’s hand and explains his new power. Grog asks that the Sanctuary not hurt Arkhan, but Vord makes no promises.

Percy sits by himself on the platform where Vax disappeared. He takes out his contract. He asks the beings he made a contract with if they can bring Vax back. There is no answer.

Vex sits down next to him. He thinks out loud about what his life used to be like. He tells her that he misses his family, and that he was once going to become a clockmaker.

He tells her how he wanted to hurt The Raven Queen. He wanted to hurt a god.

Percy: “I’m so tired of hurting people.”

Vex: “You don’t have to hurt anyone any more.”

Percy considers destroying the temple to the Raven Queen in Whitestone, but Vex tells him her plan to try and talk to Vax there.

The party regroups with Allura. Keyleth suggests having Pike as a member of the council. Allura promises to put in a word for her.

Allura casts fly on everyone, and they fly over the city to The Temple of Sarenrae. Some of the upper levels have taken some damage. Refugees have gathered, but Pike is still greeted when she enters. Keyleth fills the temple’s reservoirs with fresh water.

Percy pulls Pike aside and gives her the contract he almost signed. He tells her it was once proof of his self-control, but he can no longer handle the burden. Pike promises Percy she will keep it. Scanlan buts in, asking Pike if she could take his porn magazine from him too.

Vex asks Allura to send a message to Sygorn about Velora’s safety. For now though, she will stay with her sister.

Now though, they leave to find a tavern to drink in and to toast to their fallen friend.

They arrive at The Quarry’s End, a nearby dive bar. Percy pays 20 gold for a round of the worst beer they have for everyone in the bar. Kima bursts through the door, bloodied and ready to drink.

Keyleth, after a few drinks, scrys on Cassandra. She sees Percy’s sister in bed, being attended to. She decides to scry on their other friends tomorrow.

Scanlan suggests toasting to Vax. Kima asks where he is, and Scanlan replies that he’s really stealthy. Everyone in the bar toasts to his memory.

Vex: “To Vax’ildan. He was the best of us.”

Keyleth: “The most selfless.”

Scanlan: “The most frequently naked.”

Grog: “The most frustrating.”

Percy: “The brightest and the darkest.”

Allura asks what comes next. They begin to formulate their temporary plans. For tonight at least, they decide to stay.

Grog suggests livening up the night. He pulls out the deck of many things.

Arguments about pulling a card immediately ensue. Grog asks Pike if she wants a card. She wants one, but is hesistant. Grog is mad at their lack of spontaneity. He puts the deck away.

After finishing their drinking, they wander out of the bar and look for a suitable tree through which to use treestride. When they find one, they step through to Whitestone, leaving Allura and Kima behind.

They arrive in Whitestone at dusk. They all head to the castle.

Scanlan looks for Kaylie. He finds her, bandaged, in his old room. She’s been throwing a dagger at the wall. He asks what she wants to do with her life. He suggests going back to being The Meat Man.

Her eyes well up, and she tells her she’s glad he’s safe. He tells her that he wasn’t sure if he would come back. She tells him that she was sure he would.

Scanlan: “Yeah. Only the good people die.”

They decide to train a replacement Meat Man and take a cut of future profits. He tells Kaylie that his priority is her future. He asks if she wants to go to school. She tells him that she wants to go back to school and rub it in the face of all of the privileged kids.

Scanlan: “Education for spite. I like that.”

They go to sleep with Scanlan at the foot of the bed.

Vex tucks Velora in to bed. She tells Percy that she understands if he wants to stay with Cassandra for the night. If he will stay with her though, she would prefer to sleep in the woods like she and Vax did as children. He says he will stay with her and suggests sending Trinket to Keyleth’s room.

The bear wanders to Keyleth’s room and snuggles with her for the night. She cries herself to sleep hugging the bear.

Pike goes into the woods. She sees the giant wolf Galdrick, companion of a former champion of the Raven Queen. The wolf goes over to her and lets her hug it. He lets out a howl for the loss of The Raven Queen’s champions. Pike howls with him.

Grog goes out in front of the castle and once again pulls out the deck. Pike comes out of the woods just in time to see Grog pull a card.

Grog pulls The Void. He falls over, catatonic, holding the deck.

The party spends the next two weeks wandering through The Halls of Pandemonium. They find Grog’s soul, and return it to their own plane.

Grog’s vision returns to his body. He sees very upset members of Vox Machina standing over him. He searches for the deck on his person, but they’ve already taken it from him. He begins to wonder if not everything in the deck is amazing.

Pike brings Keyleth and Vex out to the spot she found in the woods two weeks earlier. She shows them a bench that she made for Vax. A headstone, she explained, is too final. She takes out two feathers she took from the site where Vax disappeared with the Raven Queen and gives one to each of them.

When they get back to the group, Pike walks over to Scanlan. She tells him she’s glad he’s alive.

Pike: “I don’t really have a whole lot to say. I just care for you a lot, and I just wanted to let you know that.”

Scanlan: “I care for you too, Pike. I’ve always love you since the moment I met you, and I’m so happy that we became friends as well. Thank you for everything.”

He asks Pike if he can take her on a date sometime. She tells him she was going to ask the same thing. He retracts his offer so she is the one to ask.

They say their temporary goodbyes and begin to forge their lives outside of danger and adventuring.


Scanlan Shorthalt

Over the years, Scanlan devotes his life to Kaylie and Pike. He sends his platinum bracelets to Sybil, Kaylie’s mother. The rest of his wealth he gives to Kaylie, whom he visits in school. He is proud to see her superior to the other students. He uses his free time to write the story of Vox Machina. He relies on guidance from Ioun and Sprigg. The book is called In the Belly of Dragons: The Legend of Scanlan Shorthalt and Vox Machina. He hopes to finish by the time he is 71. He tries to communicate with Vax, but is unsuccessful. He asks Grog for permission to marry Pike, which he grants.

Taryon Darrington

The Darringtons adjusts to their new, less lavish lifestyle. Their influence is diminished, but some philanthropic lords to the north protect the Darringtons from the Myriad, due to their contributions to charity. Tary’s group of adventurers gain some notority. His mother makes their tabards until her death. Tary accidentally finds Lawrence, and they begin their romance once more.

Pike Trickfoot

Wilhand spends his final years helping around the temple, before eventually passing, surrounded by friends and family. Pike is left his home in Westruun. She occasionally adventures with Grog, who she creates a space for in her home. Pike rebuilds the temple in Vasselheim. Eventually, she asks Scanlan to marry her. She begins to spend the rest of her days with Scanlan and Grog.

Grog Strongjaw

Grog turns himself into the authorities in Vasselheim. The guards aren’t sure what to do with him until a captain points out that he is a member of Vox Machina and saved the city. They let him go. He finds the merchant that they have repeatedly harassed and convinces him to become his tutor. He occasionally has adventures with Pike and fights in The Crucible. However, he focuses on improving his mind. Grog gives Scanlan his rare black sapphire to propose to Pike with. He carries Scanlan down the aisle at their wedding.

Percival and Vex’ahlia De Rollo

Percy begins a complicated art project in his spare time over the course of many years. He slowly constructs a clock tower to tell their story once a year. He hires artisans to show off their inventions in Whitestone. Percy and Vex begin to have children and name them after those they’ve lost. Vex builds a statue to honor Trinket. Vex prays constantly to Vax and The Raven Queen. The amount of ravens in Whitestone increases substantially. She also expands the Pelor temple. Percy gives his sister guidance, seeing himself at his darkest times in her. She asks Vex to train her to become a protector of Whitestone.


Keyleth helps Pike rebuild Vasselheim, but she quickly returns to Zephyra to lead the Ashari. She keeps in touch with Kerrek. She nutures the Sun Tree sprig, embedding the raven feather given to her by Vax into the trunk of the tree. She adds in other relics of the Raven Queen. There has been an increase in ravens in Zephyra. She begins dating after a long time. After even longer, she sunsets into the tree.

The Ashari look up to Keyleth as a protector and guide, and she looks to them to teach her as well. At the cherry blossom tree, Corrin approaches her. He tells her that there isn’t a day that passes that he isn’t struck by the beauty of the world. He tells her that the faces of those who are no longer with them keep the light from fading. She thinks on this. He tells her that he is proud of her.

Keyleth: “It’s weird to reach a life goal and then realize you have the rest of your life. I guess I just find new goals. It’s hard being a prodigy because you just grow up to be a regular adult.”

A raven flies over and lands on Keyleth’s shoulder. It visits her every day.

The end.

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