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S3E5 -5: When I Fall (with SHAEL RILEY of THE GRAMMAR CLUB)

It’s fall, and the boys are seasonal as HELL! Shael Riley (THE GRAMMAR CLUB, CAMP HANDSOME) joins the boys in order to wash some grime off of a dirty lil’ song called WHEN I FALL! Will it remain clutching a squeegie in midair, or will it tumble 9.8 straight down? FIND OUT!

– Hope you don’t have misophonia!

– That term you’re looking for is “l’appel du vide.”

– Finally! A return to bad, echoey sound quality!

– Bonus Segment: PIECE OF CAKE!

Saker’s band’s mystery track: https://2d6music.bandcamp.com/track/i-want-to-get-her-okay-alive

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