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CONTINUUM // EP02 // Circle Back

CW: mental health, trauma, loss of autonomy, gun violence, self-harm & suicide, descriptions of blood and gore, and death.

CONTINUUM // EP02 // Circle Back

The Crew of SMS108 wake up to find themselves two weeks and millions of miles off course of their assigned hauling job…again.

Mothership RPG is written by Sean McCoy and published by Tuesday Knight Games.

CAST/CREW: Nick Uroseva as Warden/Host, Kaitlyn Camp as Delphine Gallagher, Rodger Page/MisterRodger as Seibold Sanderson, Adam Seats as Jack Pilsner, Andi/BamCrashKapow as Beatrice "Bea" Saunders, and Tanner Bivens as Cameron Redam.

VOICE OVER: Fiona LF Kelly as News Anchor, Chelsea Reixinger as Ether Ad VO, and Anna Matthews as A.V.A.

PRODUCTION: Fiona LF Kelly – Executive Producer/Showrunner, Chelsea Reixinger – Technical Editor/Producer, Nick Uroseva – Creative Editor/Executive Producer, and Tom Goldthwait – Creative Consultant.

Music: "Forgive and Forget" by Northern Weather, "Before I Disappear" by Highland Rose



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