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Critical Role Recap: Episode 109 – “The Ominous March – LIVE”

SPOILERS for Critical Role Episode 109 (obviously).  Go check out the full episode at GeekandSundry.com!
Our recap of Episode 108 can be found here.

Vox Machina searches for Vecna.

Previously on Critical Role

Vox Machina traveled to Scaldseat, a volcano to search for the Core Anvil. This anvil would allow them to create trammels imbued with divine energy. These would assist in defeating Vecna. Given the knowledge of the location of the anvil, blacksmithing, and the blueprints by the goddess Ioun, the party successfully created three trammels. After succeeding, they settled into Scanlan’s mansion to rest for the night before facing Vecna.


Vex asks Grog to hold the trammels. He hands them over. She notices that, though they are very large, they are not as heavy as she expected. She takes the one made from Pelor and hands the rest over to Grog. He puts the remaining two between his fingers and shows the others how he will punch Vecna with them.

Grog points out to Vax that he promised the goliath a present if he successfully forged the trammels. He leads Grog out of the room. Scanlan calls out after them to use protection.

When they are alone in the war room, Vax pulls out the love potion that was given to him by Tary. He explains that Tary gave the half-elf the potion with the intention of pranking Grog. However, Vax explains, the potion is limited by only having the drinker fall in love with someone to whom they would normally be attracted. Vax tells Grog that he knows he couldn’t make the goliath fall in love with a man, but Scanlan has the potential to fall in love with anyone. Grog agrees immediately.

They decide to go forward with their plan that night.

When they go back to everyone else, Scanlan is telling the others how happy he is to be back with everyone. Grog asks if anyone wants a drink. Scanlan accepts. After the drink is poured, Scanlan hands it to Vax to hold while he plays him a song. During the song (which is dedicated to Vax), Vax pours the love potion into the drink. At the conclusion of the song, Vax hands it back. Scanlan downs the drink and immediately locks eyes with Percy. He falls head-over-heels in love with the gunslinger.

Scanlan: “I feel like it’s the wine talking, Percival, but I’ve just never seen you in this light before.”

Scanlan asks Percy what he’s doing later. Vex immediately intervenes. Scanlan insists that Vex knows to what he’s referring and must feel the same. He argues that their mutual love is enough for forgiveness.

Percy asks how long Scanlan has felt this way. Scanlan tells him that it feels like it’s been forever.

Vex: “Scanlan, I don’t blame you, but this is coming out of no where. He’s married, and I will cut you.”

Keyleth, suspicious of the situation, asks Vax what he did. Percy asks why it’s so hard to believe that someone finds him attractive.

Vax suggests they all talk about Vecna. They gather around the table. Vex makes a point to sit between Scanlan and Percy. Scanlan casts mage hand to tickle Percy’s knee under the table, but, while he is casting, Vex catches him. She grabs his fingers and threatens to break them.

Vex: “Do you want to keep playing your fucking lute or not?”

Scanlan: “I’d prefer if Percy did.”

Scanlan promises to try to keep it together. He thinks of Victor’s balls to distract himself.

Vax sticks his head outside of the mansion to sense where Vecna is. He has moved, but only slightly. He is moving southeast.

After some more discussion, they go to bed. Grog asks if they need to post a guard outside of Scanlan’s door, but he insists he will be very safe. Keyleth points out that it isn’t him they’re worried about.

After everyone gets settled into their rooms, Scanlan puts on his best silk g-string. He climbs through the tunnels connecting all of the bedrooms to Percy and Vex’s room. He climbs into bed with them.

Percy and Vex immediately wake up to find Scanlan wedging himself between them.

Percy takes the iron ball from underneath his pillow and throws it at Scanlan. Iron chains spring out and bind him. Percy gags Scanlan to prevent him from talking.

Vex suggests trying lesser restoration on Scanlan to fix whatever is happening. Percy counters with a suggestion that they simply go defile his room. Vex declines the offer.

In the event that it is magical, Percy strokes Scanlan’s face to leave him with something special. Vex casts the spell, but it has no effect on the potion.

Vex warns Scanlan that they will let him out, but she is going to have Trinket sleep on top of him to prevent any more late night visits. Percy unlatches the chains.

Scanlan drops to the ground free, right as the potion wears off. He fake laughs, telling them its a birthday prank. He tells them that he has soiled himself and needs to change. He bids them a good evening and walks out the door. This triggers a trap Percy has set. A viscous powder covers him.

Scanlan: “I’ll see you in the morning.”

The next morning, they all meet at the breakfast table. They exchange some awkward greetings and discuss their plan.

They planeshift to Vasselheim. When they arrive near The Trial Forge, the sky is grey with a divine darkness, and the city is preparing for war.

Someone is painting symbols of Vecna around the city while guards should at him. Vex steps in. She asks why he paint the symbols. He tells her that it will protect his family from the coming battles. Vex tells him that the symbols will not protect him from Vecna’s wrath. He reluctantly paints over the symbol.

Keyleth confronts another citizen shouting in the streets. He yells about how Vecna will take them all. Keyleth agrees, and the man panics and runs away.

They head for the temple of Sarenrae. Inside, everyone is silent in prayer. Vax calls out for Pike. The priests tell them that Pike went to the Platinum Sanctuary for a meeting. They all rush over.

They see followers of many different faiths outside. As they enter, they see Pike, and the high priests and priestesses of Erathis, The Raven Queen, Kord, and Bahamut. Above everyone is J’mon Sa Ord.

J’mon tells them that Pike has already filled them in. Vox Machina adds that Vecna is making his way to Vasselheim. Groon asks how they know Vecna is coming to Vasselheim.

Grog tells Keyleth to turn down the sass.

The followers of The Raven Queen add that Vecna seeks to replace The Raven Queen.

As they talk, Allura and Kima teleport into the room.

Allura: “We are merely here to offer counsel and communication. We mean no harm, nor to bring our arcane knowledge to your quarters. I apologize, but extenuating circumstances bring strange bedfellows, I think you will agree. However, at the first sign of threat upon Tal’Dorei, we will seek your assistance and aid as well. Emon and the counsel cannot survive another threat and catastrophe. So, we are here to behest and ask only your aid in return depending on when or where this assault strikes.”

J’mon accepts their help and offers their resources in return.

Vex asks if the sky is dark in Emon as well. Allura tells her that it is quickly approaching, and all of Exandria will soon be in darkness.

Keyleth suggests using clerics to calm the minds of the fearful people of Vasselheim.

Vord goes over to Vex. He pulls a ring from his finger. He explains that it is a band of shrouds. He explains that it will protect them from Vecna’s gaze.

Two wyvern riders rush into the room. They explain that they have found Thar Amphala. An unseeable barrier protects the city, and it is guarded by winged dark beasts.

They add that they saw the entirety of the city move before they fled.

J’mon tells the group that the combined armies will distract Vecna as they rush the city. Then, Vox Machina will act as a strike force. J’mon insists that Vecna will never see them coming.

Vecna’s voice rings through the hall, insisting that he will know when they come. Vex realizes that she hasn’t attuned to the ring.

An illusion of Vecna’s form appears in the room. He goes to each person in the room, threatening them and their families. When he gets to her, Allura shouts out that she has had enough and dispels the illusion. Only his laughter remains before silence.

While waiting for the ring to attune, they try to throw Vecna off their trail with false plans. Keyleth recommends they go shopping while Vex suggests simply giving up. Grog, not understanding what they are doing, gets very upset.

Vax starts to push Whisper into his eye before Vex stops him.

Scanlan: “Don’t worry. He can’t be killed. Just like all of us can’t be killed.

Grog tells him it’s just him and J’mon against Vecna. J’mon tells him to sit down.

When the ring activates, they discuss the real plan. They speculate that Vecna is going to raise the dwarven corpses in the area to fight for him. Scanlan adds that the caverns near the city are actually the corpse of a fallen titan. Vax asks if they’re going to have to crawl inside a monster’s asshole again.

Pike decides to join them in their journey.

After further discussion, they decide to ride J’mon near the city. Then, they will go through the tarverns and come at the city from below. J’mon will then join the wyvern riders in the assault. Vox Machina will then sneak through the city to Vecna. Finally, they hope that their combined power will be enough to stop the newly ascended god.

After saying their goodbyes, they all prepare to leave. J’mon gives them eight superior healing potions. Scanlan offers to make the Meat Man go away as thanks. J’mon warns that the Meat Man’s activities has not caused much trouble yet, but he will know if it does.

A druid sets up a treestride portal for them. Vox Machina, the armies, and J’mon rush through multiple portals in many trees.

Vax senses Vecna four miles southeast. They realize that they are moving towards Vasselheim. Grog suggests moving on Vecna immediately. The others struggle to think of an argument why they shouldn’t.

Keyleth attempts to scry on Delilah, to no success. She then tries to scry on the Death Knight. She sees the streets of Thar Amphala. The buildings tremble with movement.

When Keyleth’s vision returns, she informs the others what she saw. They agree that they must move immediately. J’mon transforms into their dragon form, and they take flight.

On the way, Keyleth gives an inspiring speech. This affects all of Vox Machina as well as J’mon.

As they fly, Percy and Keyleth notice giant footsteps leading away from them. They all realize that Vecna has resurrected the titan. Keyleth estimates that it could be 600 feet tall.

As they get closer to the titan, Grog feels a trembling in the titansstone knuckles. He remembers that they were made from the heart of a felled titan.

They finally see the titan. Thar Amphala sits where its head should be. It has four arms and jagged spines emerging from it.

Keyleth clears the clouds in front of J’mon to improve their vision. They fly around the back of the titan.

Gloomstalkers notice the party as they approach.  They begin to fire at the gloomstalkers. J’mon and Scanlan turn everyone invisible. Keyleth notices a waterfall coming from the back of one of the titan’s legs. She speculates that it could be a way in.

During the battle, Keyleth and Vax fall from J’mon’s back. Though they are both still invisible, Vax notices her shifting through the cloud cover. He throws whisper at her, losing his invisibility in the process. This damages her, but he is able to teleport over. She turns into a giant eagle and begins to fly with Vax on her back. They tell the others through the earrings that they are still aloft.

The party still riding with J’mon has the benefits of pass without a trace. They fly towards the waterfall, which is near a broken stone staircase.

The titan notices the visible Vax flying towards the staircase. It swings one of its massive arms, hitting Keyleth and Vax. Despite the massive damage, they are able to push through. However, Keyleth loses her eagle form in the process. Vax brings out his wings and finds her again, though she is still invisible. He tells her to punch him in the face to lose her invisibility, which she does.

A second arm swings towards them and misses.

They fly over to the staircase and land with the others. Keyleth casts control water to move the waterfall out of the way of the stairs. J’mon casts mass cure wounds to heal the damage from the flight.

J’mon: “Be safe and see you on the other side.”

J’mon flies off to join the wyvern riders. They walk up the stairs and enter into the inside of the titan, ready to confront Vecna.

To be continued…

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