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PATREON – Derailed: Off the Rails – February 2023

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This month on Off The Rails:

  • Tom ASMR and Fucked Vibes
  • Chelsea finally shows up
  • Preparing offerings to Derailed-chan
  • Everyone is sick, and also the Pupdate
  • New Show Announcement! 
  • School Dance Songs, and which have permiated through lots of areas
  • -“The Canonical version of Cha-Cha Slide”
  • Fiona googles Marlins Will Soar
  • Fiona’s world record
  • Chelsea remembers MiniTHON, the highschool version of Penn State’s THON (https://thon.org/)
  • Chelsea googles the universities in her hometown
  • Tom gripes about garnishes for cocktails
  • We say goodbye to Sierra Mist, and welcome into our arms Starry
  • Fiona googles the difference between Sierra Mist and Starry
  • The many podcasts of Justin McElroy
  • Tom googles Stuff I Bought At Sheets
  • The crew plans their scheme to beef with the McElroys, while also explaining to Chelsea who they are
  • We pay our respects to TAZ: Amnesty
  • Why we like to do Audio podcasts instead of Livestreams for our actual play
  • Nick talks about the Vox Machina animation and the Live shows
  • Fiona gives Scooby Doo facts
  • Frank Welker Facts Hour
  • Tom googles the top grossing movies of all time
  • Chelsea cuts the podcast short (long) in honor of Cotton Eye Joe
Nick Uroseva (@Nick_Uroseva)
Nick is a social media marketing professional and content creator by trade but also dabbles in everything from graphic design, photography, illustration, videography & video editing, animation, and podcasting. He is the Co-Creative Head at Derailed Medial LLC, the creator and Dungeon Master of the ENNIE-nominated podcast Tales of the Voidfarer and cast member on Cape Chronicles and Fables Around the Table.

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