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S1E15 -15: Crazy

We’ve made it to the end! We’re at the end of Gordon, y’all! You did it! We did it! And it only made us a little bit CRAZY! Let’s do a deep dive into the most ableist BNL tune of all!

Also in this episode:

– Ethical socialism as seen through the filter of Canadian rock music and J. King Gordon, himself!

– EVAN. THIS IS ONE FUCKING SONG, YOU DIPSHIT. (#onesongevanwrong or #twosongsakiewrong)

– Let’s re-sequence Gordon!

– Bonus Segment: THANKS THAT WAS FUN and TOE TO TOE!

Saker’s re-sequencing of Gordon: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGnsj72Md4IKeqPZs9gYzJnwFgVvYyJD7

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