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Detour De Force Wrap-Up and Resequencing! MEGA BIG EPISODE!

The end.



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Lyrics: (THANK YOU, MITCH!!!!)

Ohhhh it’s a podcast, a podcast

An author and a teacher guy
Came together on the fly
To create a little long form podcast
Hundred eighty three eps when I wrote this

They’ve went over every song
From BNL, the epitome (epitome)
Of all the tasty dad rock wam jams
Some of it was good with a lot of spam, god damn

It’s a pod, it’s a pod, it’s a podcast
Evan and Saker, it’s a pain in the ass
But someone’s gotta do it, 
Brothers and sisters you don’t wanna hear no other

It’s a pod, It’s a pod, It’s a pod cast
It’s All Been Done is the name of the podcast
Wouldn’t trade it for another,
Brothers and sisters, you don’t wanna miss this fodder

Ohhhh it’s a podcast, a podcast

The discord voted you to the top
Got some awards and now you’re not 
Moving on to There Might Be Giants
Or Counting Crows or Weird Al Yankovic

BNL has got you trapped
Forever content bout the dads
Is this song barenaked or fully clothed
Is it about a Bad husband or vague political views, from fake nudes back to Maroon



Detour de Force
done finally
The next album’s out 
In about 4 years  

It’s been so long
Since it’s begun
But like the show says
It’s finally all been done 

Rap verse:

On my Spotify wrapped list 
Like a wrapped fist
The show hits ya, 
Tricks ya 
I promise ya
these boys wanna kiss ya
Evan and saker, bakers
They’re fuckin innovatahs 
they wanna go 5-6 rounds with ya 

Each week episodes for your fans you’d leak
Onto the internet, the audio consistency 
The boys get together and they have a big hang
And after 13 seasons, it’s still a good bang


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