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Fables Around the Table // CONTINUUM // Trailer

The year is 2133. Humanity has never been more advanced, with thousands of new science and industry outposts being established ever further out beyond the Asteroid Belt. While corporate execs toast to rising profits aboard their orbital yachts and asteroid resorts, the hard work of roughnecks like the crew of Synergistic Management Solutions 108 are what makes it all possible. But when that weary crew wakes up to find themselves millions of miles off course at a secret space station deep in the Kuiper Belt, the horrors and challenges of life and work in space may finally become too much to bear. Join Fables veterans Kaitlyn Camp and Rodger Page (aka MisterRodger on Twitch), Tales of the Voidfarer’s Tanner Bivens, and newcomers Adam Seats and Twitch streamer Bamcrashkapow as the play the space horror RPG, MOTHERSHIP. GMed Voidfarer DM Nick Uroseva.

Premieres Wednesday, May 24th.

Mothership RPG is created by Sean McCoy and published by Tuesday Knight Games.

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