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Issue #2: Stormclouds Gathering Part 2

Issue 2: Stormclouds Gathering Part 2

The team face down a new complication of being a hero in Halcyon City, and we learn a bit more about the heroes after the events at the docks!
Cape Chronicles is a Masks: A New Generation Actual Play Podcast, set 15 years after the events from Fables Around The Table: Super. Masks was created by Brendan Conway and is published by Magpie Games, all rights reserved. Cape Chronicles follows the adventures of 4 young heroes in Halcyon City: Falcon girl (Played by Fiona L.F. Kelly), Royale (Played by Chelsea Riexinger), R3mixXx (Played by Rodger Page), and Quasiraptor (Played by Nick Uroseva). Cape Chronicles is GM’d by Cliff Wilfong. Cape Chronicles is brought to you by Project Derailed, check out all our other podcasts at www.projectderailed.com. Follow us on Twitter! @CapeChronicles, @ProjectDerailed, @TableFablesPod, @FionaLFKelly, @CLRex4, @AlwaysHoodiedUp, @NickUroseva, @TheComicSads

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