Critical Role Recap: Episode 55 – “Umbrasyl”

By | June 7th, 2016|Critical Role Recap, Nick's Posts, Pop Culture, Roleplaying Games|

SPOILERS for Critical Role Episode 55 (obviously).  Go check out the full episode at! My recap of Episode 54 can be found here. Oh man, what an epic episode! Lets jump in! Previously on Critical Role After rigorous planning, Vox Machina and the Herd of Storms set an elaborate trap for the Ancient Black Dragon [...]

What We Learned from Wizard’s D&D Meltdown Event

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Last night Wizards of the Coast hosted a Live event from Meltdown Comics in LA to announce several upcoming releases and projects. The event was hosted by Alison Haislip and was broadcast live on Wizard's Twitch Channel. There was a lot of information about cool D&D things coming down the pipe. Lets break it down: Storm King's [...]

C20 Coming Soon: White Wolf Publishing Continues to Celebrate its 20 Year Anniversaries

By | June 1st, 2016|Roleplaying Games, Tanner's Posts|

Major news on the World of Darkness front! The Kickstarter for the 20th Anniversary special of Changeling the Dreaming (known as C20) has reached its goal and production will be underway soon. Richard Thomas, the current creative director for White Wolf Publishing, announced on the Kickstarter campaign that they had reached their goal and surveys [...]

Rethinking firearms in D&D

By | May 30th, 2016|Game Mastering, Roleplaying Games, Tom's Posts|

I plan on having firearms as a prominent feature of a D&D campaign I'm currently planning, and I've been thinking about how I want them to work. I would classify the technology level of the world I'm planning to be roughly “early-modern,” specifically around middle 18th-century levels. The world will be one full of fairly [...]

One Hour To Prep: 8 Game Master Tips for Procrastinators

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It's D&D day! You haven't prepared a session yet but you will have plenty of time after work. Right after you make yourself a burrito and rewatch an episode of Rick and Morty. You grab a quick 20 minute power nap to energize yourself before immortalizing to paper the awesome session you will undoubtedly create. Totally [...]