Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Still Doesn’t Know What to Do with Gamora

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Warning: Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Guardians of the Galaxy is one of Marvel Studio's most unique franchises. The characters separate themselves from the other characters in the MCU not just in appearance, but also in shtick. It's still a rag-tag group of heroes, but with much [...]

Five Thoughts on the Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere

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That episode was crazy. Here are some of my initial reactions. 1) Rick and Morty is embracing its place in pop culture This season premiere announced, as loudly as it could, that Roiland and Harmon are perfectly fine being the center of attention for a while. Everything about the way this episode has been presented [...]

Critical Role PREcap: Episode 93 – “In the Underdark, Shopping and Cows”

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We've been doing Critical Role Recaps here at Project Derailed for a while. However, we have long felt that you, our loyal readers, deserve more than that. Therefore, at great expense to ourselves, we have developed a powerful predictive algorithm. With this predictive system, we are able to predict the events of a future episode [...]

32 Things That Remind Us of Trinket Because Bears

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A tribute to the best member of Vox Machina with 32 things that remind us of him! 1. It's Trinket!!! 2. Wet Trinket! 3. Sleepy Trinket! 4. Grumpy Trinket! 5. Baby Trinket! 6. Snow Trinket! 7. Ice Trinket! 8. Bandit Trinket! 9. Cozy Trinket! 10. Jet-skiing Trinket! 11. Scottish Trinket! 12. Pancake Trinket! 13. Doggo Trinket! 14. [...]

Talks Machina Recap – Vox Machina Go To Hell: Episode 91

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We have been doing our weekly recaps of Critical Role with doodles for awhile now, but we figured it was high time we paid Talks Machina some love as well! So here we present our very first recap of Talks Machina! SPOILERS for Talks Machina and Critical Role Episode 91 (obviously).  You can watch Critical [...]

Comics to Read If You Don’t Like Super Heroes

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Featured Image Credit: Image Comics/Rat Queens by: Stjepan Sejic Even though I love superheroes, and I believe that everyone would get into superhero comics if they found the right one, I know that not all genres are for everyone. However, I do believe and stick to my convictions that there is a comic or graphic [...]

Review: The Lego Batman Movie

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Warning: Mild Spoilers for The Lego Batman Movie I think everyone knew this movie would be good. Or at least I did. I really enjoyed The Lego Movie when it came out in 2014, and I have had "Everything is Awesome" stuck in my head on an infinite loop since that point. Needless to say, [...]

Review: Get Out

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Warning: Spoilers for Get Out When I first saw the trailers for Get Out, I was expecting an enjoyable movie with good characterization and dialogue and probably an okay suspense film. However, I was completely blown away from the first moments of the film until the very end. This film is exceptionally well done. Everything [...]

28 Days of Black Cosplay with Leoncillo Cosplay

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Cosplay was never really something I was interested in or knew much about. I didn't even know there were other conventions besides the Star Trek ones that cartoons always made fun of. Despite that, I've sort of been cosplaying since I was young. Every Halloween, I needed a special costume. A costume no one else [...]

Review: Sailor Moon R The Movie

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Warning: Spoilers for Sailor Moon R: The Movie Though Sailor Moon R: The Movie was released in 1993 in Japan, it wasn't until 2000 that it came in theaters in America. Then, last month, the film was rereleased, uncut and with a new dub. This new release also included the short "Make Up! Sailor Guardians." [...]