Pearl From Steven Universe Shows Us a Non-Stereotypical Femme Lesbian

By | November 6th, 2017|Fiona's Posts, Pop Culture, Television|

Spoilers for Steven Universe. Pearl takes on many feminine roles on Steven Universe. She takes on much of the traditional parenting of Steven, worries over him in battles, and uses ballet and other delicate maneuvers in battle and in the rest of her life. Even her outfit is the most feminine of the three, featuring [...]

Cartesian Dualism and Steven Universe

By | September 6th, 2017|Fiona's Posts, Pop Culture, Television|

Spoilers for Steven Universe  Steven Universe is filled with Gems. Throughout the show, Gems insist that their bodies are simply a conscious manifestation of light, whereas their gems are what they truly are. Their bodies are material and replaceable, and their gems are their souls. A body without a Gem is simply light while a [...]

Sorry, I’m an Asshole: Swearing and Apology in Critical Role

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Check out Critical Role Transcript here and follow them on Twitter. Donate to their Go Fund Me. Check out CritRoleStats here and follow them on Twitter. Below is an abridged version of the full paper. Find the full version of this essay and our data here. Warning: Spoilers for Critical Role! Background When I found [...]

Consumerism, MTV, and Alpha: Signal Boost!’s Identity Affirming Practices

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Signal Boost!, one of Alpha and Geek & Sundry's shows, showcases a different celebrity each week to tell the audience about some of their favorite franchises and activities. As a show, it's quite effective. The host is always charming and funny, and the sketch-style cut-aways add a unique flair to the format. This show is [...]

The Apocalypse as an Escape: Rick and Morty S3E2

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One of the things I like about Rick and Morty is that it usually provokes interesting thoughts. Some of these thoughts are weird (for instance, the time I estimated how many testicles would fit in a dump truck), and sometimes they are just interesting (to me, at least). This is the first post of a [...]

The Nudity and Lack Thereof in Game of Thrones

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Warning: Some Game of Thrones spoilers ahead! In Game of Thrones, there is a lot of nudity. Nearly every episode has some form of nudity, and that has become one of the defining features of the show. There is a fair amount of consistency in how they use nudity, but the reasons why are open [...]

Project Derailed’s Gen Con Critter Party

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Facebook Event Page - Eventbrite   WHAT: A party for critters by critters to celebrate this awesome community that has grown around Critical Role. Join Project Derailed (the nerds who do the Critical Role Recaps with doodles) for an evening of epic nerdiness. Live music by nerdcore duo "2d6". NO COVER CHARGE! NO GEN CON [...]

Wonder Woman and the Pointless War

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***WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Wonder Woman*** Around the middle of the first act of Wonder Woman, we arrive at the iconic moment where Diana rescues Steve Trevor. She dives into the water and pulls him from his damaged plane as it sinks. Back on land, she resuscitates him just in time to look [...]