“The Dragon Prince” D&D Homebrew – Moonshadow Elves

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Very minor spoilers for Netflix's The Dragon Prince. Netflix's The Dragon Prince hit the streaming service last weekend and I may or may not devoured the entire first 9-episode season in a single sitting. In short, it is fantastic and should appeal to any fan of D&D-style high fantasy.  The show honestly feels like a [...]

Forget Everything Else You’ve Heard – 10 DM Tips To Improve Your Game RIGHT NOW

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Do you want to get started as a new DM and aren't sure how? Are you an experienced DM whose game is lacking a certain je ne sais quoi? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are 10 DM tips you need to know RIGHT NOW: 1. Have a powerful NPC travel with the party [...]

Defenders of Tal’Dorei: Episode 3 – “Forged Paths” (The Planetary Society Charity Stream)

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Defenders of Tal'Dorei is a live streamed D&D series where critters play D&D to raise money for charity in the world of Critical Role! Join Nick Uroseva as he DMs for Gil Ramirez (GilTheVlogsmith), Kimmy Davis (CrittersRPG), Nicole Hunsicker (@Nicken_Chicken), and Project Derailed's own Fiona LF Kelly as they stream to raise money for the [...]

Defenders of Tal’Dorei: Episode 2 – “Between Myriad of Foes” (The Pablove Foundation Charity Stream)

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This is a D&D stream set in the world of Critical Role to raise money for the Pablove Foundation. Mashafina (Fiona LF Kelly) and Tolf (Andrew of CritRoleStats) meet new friends, an elf assassin named Nasae (Kimmy Davis) and an eccentric Lizardfolk wizard named Quintus (Matt Abernathy) as they are thrust in the middle of [...]

Sorry, I’m an Asshole: Swearing and Apology in Critical Role

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Check out Critical Role Transcript here and follow them on Twitter. Donate to their Go Fund Me. Check out CritRoleStats here and follow them on Twitter. Below is an abridged version of the full paper. Find the full version of this essay and our data here. Warning: Spoilers for Critical Role! Background When I found [...]