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Trainwreck: World of Darkness and the Old Youngstown Butler Hotel – PART ONE

Tanner runs a World of Darkness oneshot for the rest of the Derailed Crew. Tom, Fiona, and Nick assume the roles of mere mortals and amateur paranormal investigators about the discover everything that really does go bump in the night.

Catch PART TWO on the next episode of Trainwreck.  Monday, November 6th, at 9PM ET at twitch.tv/projectderailed.

Apologies for the video issues, at least the audio appears to be uninterrupted. We blame goblins. Should be sorted out next episode!

Nick Uroseva (@Nick_Uroseva)
Nick is a social media marketing professional and content creator by trade but also dabbles in everything from graphic design, photography, illustration, videography & video editing, animation, and podcasting. He is the Co-Creative Head at Derailed Medial LLC, the creator and Dungeon Master of the ENNIE-nominated podcast Tales of the Voidfarer and cast member on Cape Chronicles and Fables Around the Table.

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