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Let’s pet Ghost, a very good boy


On the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Jon did the unthinkable – he left his loyal companion Ghost behind, sending him with Tormund to go live a new life beyond the wall. It was intended to be a sad but touching moment – a practical move for Ghost’s protection, but also a symbolic way of Jon leaving behind part of his Stark heritage in favor of something new.

However, most viewer’s reactions were less, “aww that’s sad” and more “OH MY GOD HOW COULD HE?”

At the center of this controversy is the fact that Jon Snow never even pet Ghost to say goodbye. He just looked at the poor creature and coldly walked away. People are… not happy about this:

As fellow fans of the show and good citizens of the internet, we have decided to give you a chance to make this right. Below you will find Ghost, ready to be consoled with a swipe of your finger or a touch of your mouse. You know what to do.

Coding by Tom Goldthwait (@authw8) and graphics by Nick Uroseva (@Nick_Uroseva).


Tom Goldthwait (@Authw8)
Tom is a furry woodland creature. At times, he emerges from the enchanted forest to make a new blog post.

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