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When I’m not in cosplay, I enjoy expressing my geek, but I also like to do it in a fashionable, feminine way. One of the most frustrating things when searching for cool geek wear and only finding unisex, shapeless t-shirts. Thankfully, however, there are a number of companies that supply affordable and cute fashion and accessories for the fangirl in all of us. And all of these also make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Espionage Cosmetics


I’ve written about Espionage Cosmetics before. Since that point, I’ve bought more of their products, and I continue to love them. In addition to all of their nail wraps (including Critical Role nailwraps!), they also sell make-up, clothing, books, and accessories. Everything they sell is extremely affordable and fantastic quality. They have a ton of variety, so their nail wraps are a fantastic gift for any type of fangirl and/or make-up addict.



I have been a fan of ThinkGeek for several years now. They have a huge selection of everything imaginable, and everything they make is super cool. My favorite thing about their products is that their women’s products are not simply their men’s products in smaller sizes. They truly think about what designs and types of clothing will appeal to women. Also, they have one of the coolest Mass Effect collections ever.

Loot for Her


I am obsessed with Loot Crate. I really love subscription services and mystery boxes because the element of surprise appeals to me so much. And with Loot Crate, you know that you’re going to get something awesome.

Full disclosure, I am not subscribed to the Loot for Her service, which is a monthly accessories subscription service through Loot Crate, but I am subscribed to the regular Loot Crate and I bought the Loot 4 Fangirls Crate. I also keep up with which products were in each month’s crate. Each month, they give you interesting things that go with the theme. All of the products are uniquely designed and good quality.

Her Universe


Her Universe originally was a small website run by Ashley Eckstein, AKA Ahsoka Tano. Originally, Her Universe was entirely made up of sci-fi and fantasy clothing and accessories, but has since expanded to include other fandoms as well. They have also teamed up with multiple companies to further distribute their unique designs and very recently, the company was acquired by Hot Topic. If you’ve been in a Hot Topic recently, you’ve probably seen at least some stuff from Her Universe. Their clothing is super cute and some of their designs can even be used for cosplay. At every convention I always see at least one person wearing Her Universe products. Ashley is also amazing and is heavily involved in the fan community.

Vogue Leader


Okay, this one isn’t exactly an online store, but it’s a great resource for those looking to keep their wardrobe and lifestyle geek chic. Vogue Leader is run by Jessica Chobot, and it is a website designed “to celebrate the style and creativity found within the various world of fandoms.” They update semi-regularly and are active on social media. The products they showcase are ones that I would know nothing about if it were not for this website.

Featured Image Credit: ThinkGeek
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