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Critical Role Recap: Episode 85 – “A Bard’s Lament”

SPOILERS for Critical Role Episode 85 (obviously).  Go check out the full episode at GeekandSundry.com!
My recap of Episode 84 can be found here.

Vox Machina experiences loss.

Previously on Critical Role

After defeating Raishan, Vox Machina took Scanlan’s body back to Whitestone. While there, they performed a resurrection ritual with the help of Kaylie to bring him back to life. Though he was alive, he was in a comatose state while recovering from the dragon’s attack. The party then traveled to Vasselheim to fulfill their promise to Senokir to bury his wife’s ashes. After finishing this task, they went to the Braving Grounds. After entering the temple, Grog was challenged by Earthbreaker Groon to show what he’s learned.


Groon stands before Grog and beckons him forward.

Grog reaches into his bag of holding and takes a drawing of the letter “G.”

Grog: “This. This is what I have–Wait. Sorry. That’s not it.”

He puts the drawing back and takes out the dwarven thrower. He jumps into the pit.

Pike starts to jump down after Grog, but Groon stops her.

Groon: “No. This fight is for us.”

The rest of Vox Machina comes in and gathers around the side of the pit to watch.

Grog circles Groon in the pit. He goes into a rage and smashes his hammer against his chest before throwing it at Groon. Before he lets go however, his arm goes limp. He cannot attack.

Groon used Sanctuary on himself to prevent some of Grog’s attacks.

After several more failed attacks, Grog reaches out and touches Groon rather than attacking to make sure he can physically touch the Earthbreaker.

Groon: “With gentleness comes clarity.”

Groon attacks Grog with flurry of blows.

When Grog goes to attack again, he closes his eyes and throws his hammer. Miraculously, this hits the monk. Grog, with his eyes still closed, swings his fists towards Groon. He hits two more times.

Groon attacks with quivering palm. Grog retaliates.

As the battle continues, Grog attacks with a two-handed great weapon master attack. He forcefully swings his hammer down, but, before Grog could notice Groon has moved, he ducks out of the way. In return, Groon attacks Grog again.

After Grog hits him again in a frenzied attack, Groon hits Grog a few more times and then stuns him. Grog shakes it off, but Groon activates the quivering palm from earlier. Grog feels vibrations ripple through his core, blood vessels burst drenching Grog in his own blood as he takes the necrotic damage.

Grog slams against Groon as the fight continues, but Groon still has the upper hand. Grog bodyslams him, pinning him to the ground. In return, Groon casts wholeness of body to further heal himself. Grog then piledrives him again, knocking the monk prone. He then attacks Groon while he is still on the ground.

Groon stuns Grog again, critically hitting him with all of his attacks. Grog remains stunned, and Groon uses step of the wind to move across the pit.

Once Grog shakes off being stunned, he rushes Groon, attacking him. Groon catches Grog’s hammer.

Groon: “Good. Good.”

Grog: “Stop saying that!”

In Groon’s next attack, Grog is almost knocked unconscious, but uses relentless rage to stay up. Groon attacks again, and Grog stays up using the same ability.

Grog attacks the monk. His first attack hits. The second misses. The third attack hits again. He swings his hammer, the attack connecting with the monk. It knocks Groon unconscious, and the force of the attack throws him out of the pit.

Grog: “Who’s good now?”

The crowd above cheers for Grog’s victory.

The sky above the temple rumbles, and a spark of energy shoots down at Groon, reviving him. Groon gets up and jumps down to Grog.

Groon: “You’ve learned much. Kord smiles upon you.”

The sky continues to rumble and two lightning bolts strike Grog. Warmth floods him and the runes on his knuckles and armor glow with divine energy. The rumbling in the sky subsides after a moment.

Grog goes up to Groon and bows to him. He reaches out to shake the monk’s hand. Groon reaches up and grabs Grog’s hand and squeezes. Grog feels the monk’s immense strength even through his gauntlets.

Groon: “What have you learned?”

Grog: “That without the love of my friends, life has no meaning, and I would be nothing.”

Groon: “And how will you utilize this knowledge?”

Grog: “I will make their strength mine, and my strength their own. And, in turn, I will try to make the world a better place than I found it.”

Groon nods slightly and lets go of Grog’s hand. Grog thanks him again, and turns to walk back to his friends.

When he reaches them, he begins to show just how injured he truly is.

Grog: “Guys, if we could just make it out of here in as cool a way as possible… If I fall, just pick me up like Weekend at Bernies, okay?”

Pike casts cure wounds, healing Grog enough for him to leave.

As they leave, Keyleth casts gust to kick up the dust behind them to enhance their exit.

They all exit the Braving Grounds and go back into Vasselheim. Keyleth asks Grog what new abilities his Titanstone Gauntlets have after being blessed by Kord. Grog replies that he doesn’t know and suggests they fight the first person they see in order to find out. Keyleth points out that he would likely lose the fight since he only has the strength of a kitten left.

Grog tells the party that he will need potions and attractive naked women to bring him back to his full health.

Vax points out that Scanlan is still unconscious in Whitestone. They discuss the merits of immediately returning to Scanlan, but they ultimately decide to buy potions before heading home.

They head to a shop. When they enter, the shopkeeper immediately firmly tells them to leave.

Vex: “Are you the cart guy? I didn’t abuse him. Everyone else abused him. I was very nice to you.”

The shopkeeper calls security to escort them out of the shop. The last time they had encountered this merchant, he only had a small cart rather than a physical shop. They had also threatened his family in an attempt to haggle down the price of his goods.

The shopkeeper insists that, while Grog can stay, Vex must leave. Vex and Grog pretend to not hear this, and the shopkeeper begrudgingly begins to show them his potions. Vex and Grog talk loudly about how they can’t wait to unload all of their treasures in an attempt to get the shopkeeper to do business with them.

He offers them four healing potions and one greater healing potion. He says that they can take the potions or leave the shop. He says it’s 1500 gold for the lot.

Vex tries to leave, but Grog insists on staying. Vex stays as well, not wanting Grog to shop without her and spend all of their money.

Grog puts a big pile of gold onto the desk. Vex starts frantically trying to put it back into his purse. The shopkeeper puts the healing potions away. All three of them argue about if the sale will happen or not.

Vax sticks his head in the door, asking what is taking so long. Grog tells him to come in and reason with his sister. Vax joins Grog in convincing Vex to simply pay for the potions. Eventually, Vex is convinced, and she counts out the gold pieces before storming out of the shop, escorted by Vax.

Grog engages the shopkeeper in a friendly chat. He asks the shopkeeper, whose name he learns is Cedric, if he has any special or rare items. Cedric replies that he does not, but his business partner will be returning with a shipment of new items, though he does not know when.

When Grog leaves, he gives the healing potions to Vex. He turns it down, saying he prefers hands-on healing. She casts cure wounds on him instead. She passes out the rest of the healing potions, giving the greater potion to Percy.

Vax pulls Keyleth aside and talks to her about returning to Vasselheim to go to Velvet Cabaret as a date. Keyleth agrees, reminiscing about the first time they went. Vax adds that he would like to go without the threat of being killed. He also mentions that he needs to return to the Temple of the Raven Queen soon, but he’s afraid that she will ask something of him that he doesn’t want to do. He opens up to Keyleth, letting her know his fears of the Raven Queen cashing in on their bargain.

Keyleth asks him to clarify what he’s asking of her in this conversation. Vax tells her that he wants more time for the two of them before the Raven Queen gives him his mission. Keyleth says that they can go to the cabaret now, but he turns her down. He tells Keyleth he wants to take a few months for the two of them before going to the temple to accept his mission, whatever it may be.

Vex pulls them back to the rest of the group, and they go back to Whitestone to see Scanlan.

When they return to Whitestone, Grog asks Percy if there are any whorehouses in the area. Percy recalls that one of his older brothers visited such a place. However, he tells Grog that he doesn’t know of such a place. Grog then generously offers to build up that part of the economy if Percy wishes. Percy thanks him and says he’ll keep it in mind.

When they go into Scanlan’s room to check on him, they see Kaylie leaned back in a chair sleeping. Scanlan is still tied to the bed. Grog kicks the back leg of Kaylie’s chair out. It scares her awake, but she is still groggy and hungover. She says that Scanlan hasn’t been doing much, and lightly slaps him on the face.

Scanlan begins to come out of his stupor. He hears the muffled voices of his friends and daughter.

Scanlan wakes up and asks where he is. Vax tells him he died during the battle and went to the good place. Scanlan feels that his arms are tied above his head to the bed. He also notices that there is pudding splattered everywhere and that he is wearing a nightgown.

He asks again what happened. His friends tell him a variety of lies. Vex says that he slayed the dragon and they had been celebrating. Grog says that he proposed to a stranger and this was the aftermath of his bachelor party. Keyleth says that he merely had an intense dream.

Scanlan: “I feel like you’re fucking with me.”

Kaylie speaks up.

Kaylie: “You think that? Probably true.”

Scanlan becomes serious and asks what she is doing there. She tells him that the rest of Vox Machina summoned her to help revive him. Finally, Vox Machina fills him in on the truth of what happened.

Scanlan asks Kaylie to excuse them. She undoes the bindings on his wrists before leaving.

Scanlan apologizes for falling in battle and asks who brought Kaylie to Whitestone. Vex says that she got her from Kymal.

Scanlan: “Why the fuck would you do that?”

Vex replies that it seemed like the right thing to do. Scanlan angrily asks her why she would bring Kaylie to his resurrection when he promised her that he would not fall in battle. Vex asks that he focuses on the fact that she came back to help him, but it does not calm the gnome.

Vex: “Do you think that it’s bad that she cares about you?”

Scanlan: “I think it’s bad that she thinks I’m an oath breaker. That I’m weak. That I failed in my promise to her.”

Scanlan continues to lament what his daughter will think of him now. Vex tries to reassure him that she came because she cares for him. Vax adds that she played her fiddle during the ritual.

Scanlan replies that he did hear her playing. He also heard Pike’s poem. Grog asks if he heard anything else, but Scanlan says that he did not. Grog is hurt by this.

Vax continues to argue with Scanlan that Kaylie knows that his sacrifice was great but necessary nonetheless.

Scanlan: “She also knows that I failed, and that my friends that it would be funny to put me in a fucking nightgown and spread pudding all over me and bring my lifeless body and show her how weak her father is. That’s what she saw. I made a promise, and I broke it, and you proved it to her. And I wish you hadn’t meddled in my affairs. I don’t have many things that I care about, and I don’t have anything that cares about me.”

Everyone immediately jumps in to say that they all care about Scanlan. But he still argues with them.

Scanlan: “You like me because I make jokes and play songs and I give you a warm place to stay at night and I feed you fucking chicken and I heal you in battle. But you don’t really care about me. C’mon. Let’s be honest with each other. You don’t really give a shit about me.”

Vax reacts angrily to this, yelling that, because of Scanlan, he has an entirely different outlook on life. Scanlan asks them to prove that they care about him. When everyone asks how, he lists the number of great tasks they have gone on for everyone else. He says that they’ve risked life and limb for every other member of the party except for him.

Scanlan: “You’ve never risked anything. You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me. What’s my mother’s name? What’s her name? Easy question. Died in front of me. Killed by a goblin. Biggest part of my life. What’s her name? My father: is he alive or dead? How old am I? Where’s my fucking dog?”

No one is able to answer Scanlan’s questions.

Vax quietly responds that he has asked Scanlan his age in the past. Scanlan adds to his rant that he’s hungover from being dead, and he has been thinking about these things for a while. He says that they have all managed to pair off except for him. When he finally found someone else (Kaylie), his friends ruined the relationship because they didn’t pay enough attention to be able to understand it.

Vex interjects that no one knew what was going on with him because he never opens up.

Vex: “How many times have we asked you if you were all right and you just laugh and joke? We can’t help you if you don’t tell us what’s going on.”

Vax adds that he thought Scanlan was the only one who had their life figured out. Keyleth agrees.

Vax: “I thought for months ‘what haven’t I got figured out that Scanlan has got figured out?'”

Keyleth tentatively asks if he wishes he wouldn’t have been brought back. Scanlan replies that he really wishes they wouldn’t have brought Kaylie. He says that he had one shot with his daughter, and it’s been blown.

Keyleth and Vex respond that he is still a better father than most of the party has had, and that he should just talk to her. He agrees, and announces that he is leaving the group.

Scanlan: “Vex is right. I should talk to her. I should go with her. I didn’t need to go with you to kill the dragons. I should have just been with her in the first place.”

There is silence for a moment, and Grog asks if he can ask a question.

Scanlan: “No, I will not go whoring with you one last time.”

Grog: “No. I was going to ask you what your mother’s name is.”

Scanlan: “It was Juniper.”

Grog: “I’m sorry I didn’t know that.”

Vex asks about his father. Scanlan says that he doesn’t know if he is alive or not. He at one point made things, and his name is Vicole.

Grog tells Scanlan that he’s simply glad he’s alive, and he’s free to do whatever he wants. He adds that they had selfish intentions in bringing him back. Keyleth adds that being the funny guy is much more important than he thinks.

Vax jumps in, adding that Scanlan has never once asked about his and Vex’s mother. He asks if Scanlan knew that Thordak killed their mother. He continues that they’ve never once talked about it because Vax didn’t want to talk about it. He goes on to claim that he thought Scanlan felt the same. Vax also adds that when Scanlan did want to talk about Kaylie, he was there for the gnome, but he wasn’t going to push into his private life.

Vax: “We survived a fucking hellscape. All of us.”

Scanlan: “I didn’t.”

Vax: “You are standing before me. You did.”

Scanlan tells them that he has become useless in battle. He has fallen twice and couldn’t help them against Raishan. Though the others tell him that he is an important member of the party, he pushes back.

Scanlan: “It’s fun. It really has been fun to travel with six legends. It’s fun to say that your friends are legendary fighters.”

Vax: “Excuse me. As someone who has been fucking depressed for a long time, look me in the eye. I was shit for months. And you are one of the main reasons I am out of that now. We would be dead–all of us–if it weren’t for you. The first time we fought Raishan, we would all be dead. You are in a pity party right now, and I know you’re hurting and I’m sorry you’re hurting. And I love you, but you are lying to yourself that you have been of no use to us. You are lying to yourself. If you want to retire and go off with your daughter, that’s fucking wonderful. I encourage you to do it. But don’t lie to yourself.”

Scanlan: “Well, that’s just it. I’m a really good liar.”

Scanlan asks them again to give him some time.

Keyleth: “Hey, guys… Are we friends?”

Percy: “Worse. We’re family. And for fuck’s sake, sir, I will say that I died in that fight too.”

Percy tells Scanlan that he’s been feeding his daughter lies about what he could promise her, and he couldn’t expect to keep up the charade.

Percy: “Whatever lie you were trying to feed your daughter out there about the man she thought you might be, that you could just tell her and walk away so she could never actually meet you or get to know you. So that maybe she could never see what a shit you can be. And you can be a shit. That fucking girl out there is a shit too. She’s a miserable, lying shit. And for fuck’s sake, the things about you that brought her back here are the things you don’t like about yourself. And don’t think that they don’t count either. You’re a shitty person! We know! That’s not the fucking point. The point is for just one moment… One moment… Once in a blue bloody moon, you come through in a way that others can’t. And you do it, and we love you for it. And you are worthwhile, and there’s a reason we just nearly went mad trying to bring you back. And it wasn’t pity. We brought her here so that maybe she would snap you out of where ever the fuck you were going to. And I know you’re not out of there yet. I’ve been where you are, and I know it’s shit. And I would really recommend as somebody who misses an awful lot of people, that you are honest with that girl and maybe discovers that she actually likes you as a person. And you are actually likeable as a person. I know. It’s coming out of my mouth. I can feel the shit from it, but it’s true.”

Percy: “For fuck’s sake, get to know her, and stop making false promises that you’ll always be there and you’ll protect her because you won’t and you can’t. No one can. And you’re fucking lying. And it’s sick. Be a man. I’ve seen you be a man. I know you can fucking do it. And when you’re done with that–and we will leave you with that fucking shit girl–I want you to look up my parents’ names. You can find it on every fifth hallway in this fucking city.”

Percy goes to leave the room. The door is ajar. He pushes it the rest of the way open. Kaylie is in the hallway, leaning against the wall and crying softly. Percy goes to kiss her on the forehead, but she pulls away.

Kaylie goes back into the room. She grabs her bag and violin case off the ground.

Kaylie: “So, you comin’?”

Scanlan: “Yeah.”

Kaylie: “Grab your things. I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

She leaves.

Vex asks if he’s really going to leave. Keyleth asks what he will do.

Scanlan: “I’m just going to be a Shorthalt for a while.”

He explains that he needs to find out who he is and also who Kaylie is. He promises that, when he figures it out, he’ll come back. He advises them that they should buy tents since they will no longer have the mansion.

Scanlan: “I know you’ll be fine because you all have each other. But, for now, I just have to have me for a while. I love you all. I even love Percy and his parents, Frederick and Johanna.”

Scanlan starts to leave, but Grog stops him. He gives Scanlan his salt lick rock.

Grog: “It’s yours now. When you miss us–and I know you will–give it a lick.”

Scanlan is confused, but accepts the parting gift.

Vex hands him the gate stone. He tries to refuse, but she insists. He accepts this as well.

Vax: “Scanlan, we will miss you.”

Scanlan: “I hope so. You said I was right. Let’s pick up that conversation later.”

Scanlan leaves, and Vox Machina is short one member.

The party sits in stunned silence.

Vex: “Well, that didn’t go like I thought it would… I wish we would have gone drinking in Vasselheim now.”

Keyleth: “I think we all just discovered that maybe we all have more secrets about ourselves than we’ve ever let on.”

Grog: “He needs time. We have that.”

As the silence is broken, they all begin to react with various levels of sadness and anger and confusion and wisdom over losing their friend.

Grog goes up to find Percy. When he finds him, he asks if Whitestone would be able to spare any sneaky people to watch over Scanlan and his daughter. Percy considers it, but is torn.

Percy: “I don’t know if he’ll like that.”

Grog: “I don’t know if I care.”

Percy admits to Grog that he is considering just sending guards to prevent them from leaving. Percy quickly changes subjects and tells Grog about the brothel in the city. Grog says he’ll go give it a look. Before Grog leaves, Percy asks Grog knows that he is part of Percy’s family.

Grog: “I don’t know much, but I do know that.”

Percy: “It’s nice having an older brother again.”

Grog leaves.

Back in the room, the half-elves and Pike sit.

Keyleth: “Do you think if we would have not covered the room in pudding that he would have stayed?”

They begin to clean up the room. They ask Pike is she’s okay. She says that it’s something that Scanlan needs to do.

They begin to discuss their plans for the future. They go over all of things that they still have to do. They realize that they need to go on their own paths to complete them. Pike worries that they’re splitting up, but Vax assures her that they are just slowing down for a while.

Vax: “We just need to not have our lives on the line every day.”

Percy begins to muse about what Scanlan leaving means. He begins to tell everyone what their relationship means to him. He makes sure that everyone knows. Vex begins to grow frustrated.

Vex: “My takeaway from Scanlan is that we all talk too much.”

She leaves the room.

Keyleth: “My takeaway is that maybe we are all forgetting who we were before we banded together.”

Keyleth leaves the room as well.

Pike goes over to Vax to reassure him. She suggests they get a drink. Vax agrees. Separately, Vex and Keyleth get a drink as well.

The next morning, everyone is hungover. Vax and Pike come down wearing fun buns. They all complain about pains both mental and physical.

Vex squeezes Vax’s fun buns and he passes out onto the table. Keyleth asks if it’s a new day or if it’s still yesterday. Percy tells her it’s a new day.

Pike casts restoration on Vax. He wakes up.

Percy begins to outline the things they still need to do as a group. He says that they have to deliver Ripley’s hand to Marquet, they have help the Air Ashari, and they need to deal with a demon. Keyleth adds that they also need to sort through Raishan’s research. They agree that the delivery is the fastest.

Percy goes to the kitchen to make Keyleth a hangover remedy of hot sauce, a raw egg, and tequila. They talk her into drinking it. As soon as she finishes it, Percy tells her she was only kidding.

The party goes to find Gilmore, so he can analyze the tome they found with Raishan. They find Gilmore, and he agrees to examine the book.

He looks over it and sniffs it.

Gilmore: “This smells like shit.”

Vax sniffs his armor. It also smells like shit, but in a different way.

Gilmore informs them that this tome is very evil and would almost certainly corrupt anyone who reads it. Reading this book, he explains, would likely cost your soul.

Satisfied with Gilmore’s answer, they decide to deliver the hand. But first, Keyleth scrys on Scanlan and Kaylie.

Scanlan has changed into his regular clothes. He and Kaylie walk on the path going south from Whitestone. They aren’t talking, but they’re both smiling.

Vex pulls Grog aside to ask Grog if he’s okay. He says that he is, but he’s sad that he’s now only close to two people in the group: Vex and Pike. Vex is surprised that Grog feels that they are so close.

Grog: “I trust the others, but I know you on a more intimate level.”

Vex: “Is it because you saw my titties?”

Grog: “Pretty much. Yeah.”

Vex, touched by Grog’s sentiment, offers to show him again, but he declines, saying now isn’t the right time. He adds that he appreciates the offer.

The remaining members of Vox Machina go to the Sun Tree.

The party arrives at Ank’Harel. It’s a lively city with an upbeat atmosphere. The sun has already gone down here. They continue on to deliver the hand.

As they go through the town, their impressive armor and weapons catch the notice of some of the townspeople. Eventually, they arrive at a tavern.

Outside the tavern is a iron golum-like construct. It looks like a metallic humanoid, different from the other constructs they have seen before. It hold a leather journal in one hand and a quill in the other. Across from the construct is a handsome man with shoulder-length feathered blonde hair and blue-green eyes riffling through some satchels. He is wearing shiny new-looking armor with many adornments. He looks up and his eyes connect with Vox Machina’s. He smiles.

Terry: “You there! Look at you all! Well, you’ve all got magical items from head to toe! I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

Vax tells him that he’s pouring it on thick and asks what he wants. The man calls his construct forward and instructs it to record his dictation. He gives a flowery description of the party to his construct and phrases it as if he were writing memoirs.

He then introduces himself to the party as Taryon “Terry” Darrington. He continues that he is an adventurer. He explains that he is currently looking for more adventure. His last party he employed died, and he was looking to hire someone new. He asks what their daily fee would be. Vex answers that it’s 50,000 gold. Grog adds that it’s per hour. Vex tells him that was good thinking.

He explains that he employs people on a month-by-month basis and that they can work out the particulars later. He adds that he has many tasks for adventurers to complete.

Grog asks if Terry is famous. Terry replies that he will be once his book comes out. He doesn’t have a title yet.

Terry: “It will either be Terry’s Adventures–it’s sort of lame–or it could be Daring Adventures of Darrington or it could be Terry On with Taryon or something like that. I’m working on the title.”

Percy: “The Daring Trials and Tribulations of Terry Darrington.”

Terry: “That’s fantastic. Dotey please, write that down.”

Vax explains that they have to go to the Nine Hells at some point in the near future. Terry pulls out a list and consults it.

Terry: “That is on the list. It was lower down, but it’s another thing I have to tic off before I’m a real adventurer! So, I’m up for anything if you are.”

Vax: “I do not like you.”

Grog explains that they are currently on a very important mission, but if Terry has the coin and isn’t more trouble than he’s worth, then they will think about it.

Terry explains that he has many talents. He asks Vex (whom he calls “little elf girl,” much to her frustration) what her name is. Vex, made furious by his condescending attitude, approaches him.

Vex: “What kind of an adventurer are you if you’ve never heard of Vox fucking Machina?”

Terry: “Is that a group of evil-doers? Is that a roving Goliath horde?”

Vex is incensed by this and points out how new his armor is. Terry explains that his battle have consisted of his hired swords roughing up beasts and letting him have the killing blow. Then, he explains, he tics it off the list.

The party then asks what type of magical items he says. He explains that he has a rod that turns into whatever he wants it to be. He takes out the rod, and it magically turns into a sword. This reveals that Terry is an artificer. He then turns it into fire. The party begrudgingly admits that this is cool.

Vex offers that Terry follow them on their “adventure” of returning Ripley’s hand for a fee of 50,000 gold pieces. Grog and Vex lie that this adventure will test his true worth. Terry assures them that he will limber up and accompany them.

The party huddles up.

Keyleth: “Is 50,000 gold pieces worth dealing with piece of shit?”

Keyleth argues that this is just the party trying to replace Scanlan. Vex argues back that no one could replace Scanlan. It is then suggested that Terry is actually Hotis in disguise. Grog confirms that Terry is not Hotis. Keyleth asks him how he knows and Grog tells her that he is a dark wizard and can tell these sorts of things. Vex says she’s always known that about Grog. Percy reiterates that they are simply dropping off the hand. Keyleth argues back that she doesn’t want to give him credit for dropping off the hand.

Eventually, they decide to bring him along. They go to tell him.

Terry: “Dotey, take this down: ‘As the group turned around, I knew I had them, and our adventure was about to begin.’ End chapter.”

Vex stops him before he goes into the tavern and demands their payment up front. Terry tells her he does not carry around that much gold on his person. Vex then demands platinum and tries to get Dotey to reveal how much money Terry really has.

Terry: “He only listens to me. If you had a pet, you’d understand.”

The party glances at Vex, waiting for the inevitable explosion.

Terry offers a compromise. He flips her a silver coin. Percy intercepts it. Terry says that it was for “the elf girl” but that Percy can have it. He says that the coin turns its holder invisible on command.

Grog is impressed. Keyleth tells him not to give him the satisfaction of knowing he is impressed. Terry turns his rod into a heavy crossbow. Grog pretends to not be impressed, but his excitement betrays him. Terry offers the rod to Grog and the Goliath shoots off a bolt into the sky and out of sight. He quickly gives the crossbow back fearing the repercussions from were the bolt may have landed.

Grog insists that Terry stay. He also promises Vex that she can kill Terry later and take his rod.

Vax gives Terry a final warning about slowing them down, and they go into the tavern.

Terry: “And with that, we embarked on our new adventure. The adventures of–what was it again?”

To be continued…

Episode 86 – “Daring Days”

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About the Artist: Nick Uroseva (@Nick_Uroseva)

Nick is a professional graphic artist from Youngstown, Ohio. He has a BA in Multimedia Technology. When he isn’t doodling for one thing or another, he spends is his time writing and Dungeon Mastering several D&D games, enjoying craft beer, shooting zombies with Nerf blasters, and tweeting about #CriticalRole.

Fiona L.F. Kelly (@FionaLFKelly)
Fiona L.F. Kelly is a writer, editor, and podcaster. She has published numerous articles about all things gaming and pop culture on websites all across the internet, was also a writer for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant 2e, and has been published in books and magazines. She is an editor for the pop culture and media website GeekGals.co. In addition to her writing and editing, she has also been a guest and host on several podcasts. She hosts the Project Derailed podcast Big Streaming Pile, produces and performs on Fables Around the Table, and plays the githyanki pirate Rav’nys on Tales of the Voidfarer. Buy her a coffee: ko-fi.com/fionalfkelly

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