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Trainwreck Episode 2: Atomic Highway and the Three Assholes

Tanner runs Tom, Fiona, and Nick through the RPG Atomic Highway and they become the group affectionately known as The Three Assholes.

TRAINWRECK: the Twitch show where we stream whatever. It’ll probably suck. Catch it LIVE every Monday night at 9 PM ET at twitch.tv/projectderailed!

We will be running a chairty D&D stream for Tal’dorei Day on Saturday, October 14th, 8PM ET at twitch.tv/projectderailed.

Nick Uroseva (Project Derailed, artist of Critical Role Recaps) will be running an original adventure set in Tal’dorei for an amazing cast of fellow critters. Filling the ranks of the party are James J. Haeck, co-author of the Tal’dorei Campaign Guide, Gil Ramirez (@GilTheVlogsmith), Andrew from CritRoleStats, and Fiona L. F. Kelly (Project Derailed, writer of Critical Role Recaps).

Donors will receive a chance to win a copy of the Tal’dorei Campaign Setting signed by the cast of Critical Role!

Nick Uroseva (@Nick_Uroseva)
Nick is a social media marketing professional and content creator by trade but also dabbles in everything from graphic design, photography, illustration, videography & video editing, animation, and podcasting. He is the Co-Creative Head at Derailed Medial LLC, the creator and Dungeon Master of the ENNIE-nominated podcast Tales of the Voidfarer and cast member on Cape Chronicles and Fables Around the Table.

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