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Trainwreck: Discussions & Doodles – Tal’Dorei Day

Fiona, Nick, and Tom discuss the Tal’Dorei Day D&D stream, D&D and RPGs in general, and many other topics all while Nick does an art. Specifically a doodle of a scene from the Tal’dorei Day game.

Nick Uroseva (@Nick_Uroseva)
Nick is a professional graphic artist and aspiring indie game developer from Youngstown, Ohio. He has a BA in Multimedia Technology. When he isn't doodling for one thing or another, he spends his time writing and Dungeon Mastering several D&D games, enjoying craft beer, shooting zombies with Nerf blasters, and tweeting about #CriticalRole. Buy him a coffee: http://ko-fi.com/nickuroseva

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