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Critical Role Recap: C2E27 – “Converging Fury”

Spoilers for Critical Role Campaign 2 Episode 27 (obviously). Check out the recap for Campaign 2 Episode 26 here.
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The Mighty Nein leaves the empire for Shady Creek Run.


The Mighty Nein travel along the road to their next destination. Along the way, they lose Fjord, Jester, and Yasha to The Iron Shepherds: slavers who have affected the communities around them. However, the group continues on and meets Keg, a dwarf fighter as well as a the remains of a firbolg community. They met The Iron Shepherds yet again, and, in the subsequent battle, Mollymauk Tealeaf perished.


Snow falls onto the ground around them and rests on Mollymauk’s form.

Caleb says that they should take 10 minutes to figure out what they want to do, and then he will send Frumpkin after the group.

Beau walks up to Keg and grabs her. She slams the fighter into the ground. She accuses Keg of withholding information from them and possibly working with The Iron Shepherds.

Keg tells them that fighting is pointless. The Iron Shepherds are far stronger than they were a mere month ago.

Keg: “You saw what they did. There’s no way.”

They briefly discuss cutting their losses and leaving, but Beau angrily objects, saying that they can’t leave the other three behind. Beau reminds them about what Molly said regarding leaving every place better than how you found it.

Keg agrees to continue with them on their journey and fight the Iron Shepherds. She tells them more about Shady Creek Run.

Beau looks through Molly’s corpse. She finds his coin purse. Caleb takes Molly’s coat off of him and digs a hole for Molly’s grave.

Nott asks if they should say something. Beau suggests she pour drinks for everyone.

Beau: “Long may he reign.”

Caleb leaves the coat by the grave in case Molly rises again. He stalks off into the woods.

Beau thanks Keg for her help, saying that they would have likely fared far worse.

When Caleb goes back to the horses, he sees a new horse staring at him. He walks up to the horse. The horse shifts and changes into a firbolg: Nila. Nila speaks, saying she’s been watching them.

The others follow after and see the end of the transformation. She explains that she’s from the same clan as the other elders they met before. She offers to help them, saying she can’t fight The Iron Shepherds alone. They quickly review her abilities, they begin to plan their next moves.

They head back to the road, ready for the next leg of their journey. As they travel, they come across three bodies slain in the road. They recognize the bodies of those who they tried to release from the cages during their battle. Caleb, Keg, and Nila pull the bodies off to the side of the road.

The snow begins to get heavier and the air colder as the sun goes down. The group makes camp, huddling close to one another for warmth. In the distance, they see shadows on the horizon: goats, roving the plains.

They wake up cold, but having managed to avoid frostbite in the night. They get back on the road, and eventually reach six crownsguard. The group is stopped and questioned. They take some gold from Molly’s purse and pay the toll to move on.

Nott asks Nila about how she is perceived at home. She explains that there are always someone who is better than her, but this is the first time she was attempting to be extraordinary.

They weave through the mountain pass, and see spikes covered with skulls and blood on the gate into the next region outside the empire. A half orc steps forward and demands they pay the toll. Another two gold per person.

The ravine opens up into a valley. The trees make the valley purple and gray. They enter into The Graying Wildlands and head to Shady Creek Run. Keg quickly explains the social structure of the area.

They enter the desolate Shady Creek Run. They watch illegal activities and notice that there are no guards or lawkeepers.

A beautiful two-story complex stands out among the disrepair. They see a false bow of a ship with a mermaid masthead. The sign reads “The Landlocked Lady.”

The group goes in and gets rooms for the night. Beau goes to bed with a elf woman with platinum hair.

The next morning, they gather their things and make their way downstairs. Before going downstairs, Caleb pulls Nott aside. Caleb reminds Nott that their main goal is to survive. Nott asks what prevented him from running. He says it was Keg. Nott says that Mollymauk had a spirit of life has has inspired her. Molly, she says, kept them together when they still didn’t know one another.

Nott: “He was a rainbow man who represented life at its fullest, and that’s what I want.”

Nott says that they aren’t just a team anymore. Everyone in the group represents what it means to be really alive.

Nott says that they can’t fight The Iron Shepherd as a group, but they can pick them off one at a time.

When Nott gets downstairs, Keg pulls out some spectacles and a pre-written apology for saying she wasn’t good enough for Caleb the night before.

They leave the tavern to find Ophelia Mardun, the contact with The Gentleman. They walk through the city, asking direction to the Mardun estate. Nila asks a bird, who shows them the way.

They reach the mansion and see that it is heavily guarded. On the second floor, Beau spots a figure looking out from behind a curtain.

Caleb puts his hands up and approaches the guards. The guards let them into the manor after they explain their purpose in being there, mentioning The Gentleman by name.

The manor is decadently decorated. There are clear influences from other parts of the world. Art pieces depict individuals of a variety of backgrounds. The house is garish in its attempts to be aristocratic.

A woman with ankle-length black hair and pointy horns greets them. She grins and asks what business they have from The Gentleman.

Caleb explains that The Gentleman sent them because she was in need of assistance. She says she wishes they would have come three days earlier.

She explains that she sent shipments to Zadash for The Gentleman: a mutually beneficial arrangement. She looks at Keg and comments that she looks familiar. Keg admits that she used to work for The Iron Shepherds, but not anymore.

The guards immediately raise their weapons at her. Keg convinces them to lower their weapons by offering information.

Ophelia gives them their instructions. She asks if they are ready to take on the job. She asks them to kill everyone within the Jaggentoth family home. She insists that she cannot be implicated at all.

The party makes their way to the Jaggentoth manor. Along the way, they passed two dire bears feasting on a mangled corpse. They manage to sneak by without notice.

When they reach the manor, Frumpkin flies above, taking in a bird’s eye view of the property.

Nila transforms into a field mouse. Caleb tells Frumpkin to take Nila over to the courtyard. She’s dropped next to one of the barrels. One of the guards takes a shot at Frumpkin, but misses.

Nila sneaks her way into the house. Beneath a trap door, Nila hears a familiar laugh. She is certain that it is the leader of The Iron Shepherds.

She scurries up a set of stairs to reach the second floor.

As she looks through the home, she sees Lorenzo. He is eating something, but it doesn’t look like an animal. She calls for Frumpkin and is brought back to the group. She recounts what she saw and heard.

Beau suggests they wait until nightfall and take out the guards when the others are sleeping. She suggests walking the perimeter and searching the woods.

As they begin to walk, Keg gets her foot caught on a tree root. She falls to the ground in a clang of armor, immediately catching the attention of the guards. Beau tells them all to run, heading southward to town.

To be continued…

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