Critical Role Recap: Episode 88 – “Tangled Depths”

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SPOILERS for Critical Role Episode 88 (obviously).  Go check out the full episode at! My recap of Episode 87 can be found here. Vox Machina attempts to collect Kraken poop. Previously on Critical Role Vox Machina sailed on the Drensala Vis to visit the Water Ashari. Though they encountered pirates along the way, they [...]

Crit or Miss: Episode 5 – Promethean: The Created

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On this episode of Crit or Miss, Tanner delves back into the World of Darkness line by reviewing Promethean the Created. Will Promethean the Created get the same treatment as Beast the Primordial? Give it a watch and find out!

Comics to Read If You Don’t Like Super Heroes

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Featured Image Credit: Image Comics/Rat Queens by: Stjepan Sejic Even though I love superheroes, and I believe that everyone would get into superhero comics if they found the right one, I know that not all genres are for everyone. However, I do believe and stick to my convictions that there is a comic or graphic [...]